Dehradun, 01 March 2024: The initial investigation into the death of a minor working in a flat was done with the help of CCTV cameras installed in the house. According to the DVR, this incident took place in the flat within 52 minutes. According to the police, in the footage, the deceased was seen going towards the bathroom carrying a stool around 9.27 am. After this, at around 10 o’clock, four-five people including Abhishek Luthra were seen going towards the bathroom in search of him. He is seen trying to give first aid to the minor by bringing her back from the bathroom.

Police investigation has revealed that assault on a minor could be an important reason behind this incident.

According to the family members, their minor daughter was working in the accused’s flat since two months ago. Even before this, she was often beaten up by his owners. On February 27, the accused’s family was going to a party somewhere. The deceased was helping the accused’s elder daughter in preparing for the party. During this time both of them had a fight over some issue. The younger sister of the deceased told that Didi told that she had punched her in the stomach. After this she also slapped her.

It is being told that accused Abhishek Luthra had beaten the deceased severely with a belt. According to family members, she had also told this to her friends. After which she ran away and came home the next day. She did not want to go there again. But on Wednesday the driver of the accused forcefully took her along. Family members told that she was upset due to his beatings.

Regarding the incident, the accused Abhishek Luthra himself reached Fabbara Chowk and informed about the deceased. He told the police that the minor who worked in his house had hanged herself in the bathroom of the house. He took it down with the help of other people working in his house and took it to Coronation Hospital for treatment. The doctors declared her dead. Only after this information, the police reached the spot and informed the family members of the deceased.

The police conducted the post-mortem of the deceased by a panel of three doctors. The report found the cause of death to be suicidal hanging. Apart from this, no external injury marks were found on the body. The allegations of rape were made by the family members. This has not been confirmed in the report. SSP Ajay Singh said that the statements of the doctors are being recorded. Investigation is being done on the basis of evidence.


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