Chandigarh, 03 March 2024: Sanjay Tandon, former president of Chandigarh Pradesh BJP and co-in-charge of Himachal Pradesh BJP, today participated in the Mahashivratri Trimurti Shiv Jayanti Mahotsav organized at Namdev Bhawan, Sector-21, Chandigarh. Sanjay Tandon was applied tilak by senior Brahma Kumaris in the festival organized by Prajapati Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya. During the function information was shared about the ‘Bhagwan Shiva Avtarsn’, as well as the symbol of three lines and a dot on the ‘Shiva Partima’. They also drew attention to the current scenario of celebrating Shivratri.

BJP leader Sanjay Tandon expressed gratitude to all the Brahma Kumaris for inviting him and blessing him. He described himself as a ‘Sewak’ of Lord Shri Ram and Lord Shiva. During this, Chandigarh State BJP President Jitendra Malhotra was also present with him. Punjab Zone Head BK Uttara Didi, BK Mukesh Didi, BK Robin and other members were present.

After this, BJP leader Sanjay Tandon attended the felicitation ceremony organized by Joshi Foundation at Law Bhawan, Sector 37/A. Baba Harjeet Singh Rasoolpur was honored in this felicitation ceremony organized by Foundation Chairman and former Media Advisor, Punjab Government, Vineet Joshi and Councilor from Ward No. 12, Chandigarh and Foundation President Saurabh Joshi. Sanjay Tandon said that Baba Harjeet Singh Rasoolpur is providing daily and permanent langar service for the devotees arriving for the Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav of Shri Ram Murti at Ayodhya Ram Temple since 22 January 2024.

He considered it a privilege to honor Baba. He told that Baba Harjit Singh Rasoolpur is the eighth descendant of Nihang Baba Fakir Singh, under whose leadership 25 Nihang Sikhs captured the Babri Masjid structure and performed Havan in November 1858. Also, saffron flags were hoisted with the name ‘Ram’ written on the walls.


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