Akali Dal candidate’s brother campaigned in Laldu.

Parminder Sharma, brother of Shiromani Akali Dal candidate NK Sharma from Patiala Lok Sabha constituency, has cornered the Congress on the issue of corruption and said that the people of Derabassi constituency have still not forgotten the incidents of liquor smuggling and mining that took place during the lockdown. . Before seeking votes for Congress candidate Dharamveer Gandhi, turncoat leader of this constituency, Deependra Singh Dhillon, should also answer the people on the issue of corruption.
Parminder Sharma was addressing election rallies in Laldu today in support of his brother, NK Sharma. He conducted public relations campaigns in many wards and colonies of Laldu city. Parminder Sharma said that when Maharani Preneet Kaur was in Parliament and a minister in the Congress government, she used to leave Deependra Dhillon as her agent in this area.
In the lockdown, all the workers of Akali Dal and N.K. Sharma had opened treatment centers for Corona patients and was distributing medicines, while videos of people close to Deependra Dhillon smuggling and mining liquor also went viral. Dhillon kept demanding money from illegal mining.

The people of Derabassi constituency are eager to take revenge against these fugitive leaders during the lockdown. He said that during the lockdown, many people donated ration but instead of distributing the ration, Dhillon, who was in charge of the Congress division at that time, allowed it to rot in the school, in a hotel in Derabassi and Zirakpur. Instead of distributing the ration to the needy, the work was done by selling it.
Deependra Dhillon has contested elections sometimes for Congress, sometimes for Akali Dal and sometimes for Azad, but his wish was never fulfilled. Deependra Dhillon, who worked for Preneet Kaur till a few months ago, is today seeking votes for Dharamveer Gandhi, who has joined Congress from Aam Aadmi Party. What kind of character is this? Parminder Sharma called upon the people to see the work and character before casting their vote this time. Many dignitaries including Akali leader Gurvinder Singh, Ravi, Rohit Kumar, Bullu Singh Rana were present on this occasion.


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