Indian Medical Association (IMA) Uttarakhand has filed a defamation case of Rs 1000 crore on Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday .The association has made the case on the basis of a video of Baba Ramdev going viral on social media, in which Baba is calling allopathy rubbish and bankrupt science.

IMA sent a legal notice to baba Ramdev .Earlier, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Saturday accused Baba Ramdev of spreading lies against allopathy treatment .However, Ramdev’s organization Patanjali had issued an statement in which said the allegations were false .

However, Baba later took back his statement. On this, the association says that in response to the statement Ramdev has given, if he does not release the video in the next 15 days and does not apologize in writing, then they will demand a compensation of Rs 1000 crore from him..


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