On the completion of half year of the Kisan agitation against the agricultural laws of the central government , the Bharatiya Kisan Union will celebrate Black Day today. In Meerut, including Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, Baghpat and other districts, farmers will protest against the government. Black Day will be celebrated by hoisting black flags on the houses. Police-administration alert.

Farmer leader Kuldeep Tyagi calls , the government calling itself farmer friendly , farce . For the last six months, Prithvi Putra has been sitting on the streets . Amid pandemic, farmers are fighting for their rights but government did not even listen to them . In every village of Meerut, under the direction of Bhakiyu, farmer leaders will protest by putting a black flag on houses and vehicles.

National spokesperson of Bhakiyu , Rakesh Tikait, has appealed to the farmers to protest peacefully. The farmers put a black flag on their vehicle and go to the farm . Blow the effigy of the government.


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