At the Anaimalai in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, an 18-year-old Dalit was allegedly thrashed in the attempt of a 19-year-old non-Dalit lover. The Dalit was working on a farm of a little landlord and fell in love with his maid a native of Madurai. The owner fired the Dalit after learning about his affair with the girl but when the youth tried to meet her, the owner assaulted him. This information was received by M Mathi Ambethkar of the Welfare Party of India.

The activist and NGOs involved in this matter are holding a protest against seven people who were involved in the crime according to them. A report by the Times of India suggests that the boy was again and Gan directed to stay away from the girl either from the owner’s family or the aunt who was taking care of that child.

On Thursday night the youth met the owner of the field and wanted him to send him his lover while being drunk. A police report was done and on Saturday a police officer visited him. Now a case against Ramasamy, Kalimuthu, Kesavan, Rasathi and two guest workers under different IPC provisions.


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