A 14-year-old minor girl who reached Mumbai, leaving her parents under the guise of a friend, was raped by 13 people in turn. The victim somehow reached Chandigarh railway station from Mumbai on Tuesday. There was also a young man with him, who came in contact with him in Mumbai itself. When the GRP got suspicious about him, the project director Child Line was informed about it. Project Director Child Line’s director Sangeeta Jand reached the spot and took the minor with her.

When the team confronted the minor, the team’s senses were blown away. During interrogation, the minor revealed that she lived with her parents in Pune. He had made a plan to come to Chandigarh from home with a friend. His friend had asked to meet him at the Mumbai railway station. But when she reached the station, her friend was not found there. After which an auto driver asked him to walk outside the station, calling him his friend. The auto driver brought him out and made him drink some intoxicants in water. He then took her to a secluded place, where she was raped by 12 people in turn. After this the accused left him with the personnel posted at the ticket counter of Mumbai railway station. It is alleged that the employee also took her to the room and misbehaved with her and handed him a ticket to Chandigarh. The minor told that she came in contact with a young man in Mumbai, due to which she became a good friend. After this she reached Chandigarh with her friend on Tuesday.

Project Director Child Line director Sangeeta Jand told that at first they thought that the girl had run away from home. But when she counselled the minor in the case, one after the other revelations in the case. After this, she took information about the case from Pune Police, then it was found that a case of missing girl has been registered there. After this, all the information was given to the Pune Police. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the Pune Police team came by air and took the minor girl with them from Mumbai. The Pune Police has also arrested 8 people till date. While the rest of the accused are absconding from the spot.
Sangeeta Jand counsellor told that the minor girl also revealed during interrogation that the ticket counter staff posted at the station also took her to his room and raped her. Whom the Pune Police has been called for questioning. However, some people were seen taking the girl to the room in the CCTV camera installed at the station.


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