After many states , now Chandigarh administration is also making a Working plan for the children orphaned due to Corona .For this , the polices of various States are being studied by the social welfare department and then a policy will be prepared according to the city . Administration VP singh badnore will announce this policy soon. Many states of the country including Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh have started many schemes to help the children orphaned by corona . Many states have announced free education for children along with monthly expenses , maturity amount at the age of 21 years and assistance of RS 10 lakh on attained the stage age of 23 etc.

Chandigarh administration is also making policy for children on the lines of Various states . In this , consideration is being given to free education to the children along with their living arrangements , amount for other expenses and assistance on attaining a certain age . Social welfare department secretary Nitika pawar said that a policy is being made for the children who have been orphaned due to Corona.


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