During the ongoing Covid pandemic , majority of private schools across the country have been closed .

However, it has been reported that 20-50 per cent decrease in revenue, that lead to reduction in teachers’ salaries .

The report by the Central Square Foundation (CSF), an NGO working on quality school education in India, is based on a study with over 1,100 respondents (parents, school administrators and teachers) across 20 states and union territories.

Moreover, as per the reports, Over 55 per cent of schools said there was a major reduction in the number of new admissions this academic year, three-fourth of the schools have faced delays in RTE reimbursements. Non-minority private schools have to provide free admissions to students selected by the state government under the 25 per cent RTE quota.

At least 77 per cent of schools said they are not interested in taking a loan to support school finances during Covid, and only three per cent have successfully accessed loans, while five per cent are waiting for their loans to be processed.


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