Lovely Professional University (LPU) has announced cash awards for its medal winning students in Olympics as for gold medalists Cash prize of Rs 50 Lakh , Rs 25 lakh for silver medalists and Rs 10 lakh for bronze medalists among the 11 students who are taking part in the ongoing Tokyo Olympics.

As, the university students are participating in wrestling, hockey, athletics and paralympics, constituting 10% of Indian contingent at the Tokyo Olympics.

However, As per LPU chancellor Ashok Mittal, “Sports is a huge focus for us and we support and motivate our athletes in all ways possible. We establish our high-class sports complex at LPU and have created a team of highly-qualified national and international trainers and coaches. It is heartening that those efforts are already producing results,”

In addition to this, he added, We indeed feel proud that near 10% of the Indian Olympic participants are LPU students. The entire LPU community along with the nation is praying that they win medals at the Olympics and make us even more proud,”


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