In Rajasthan, As per the officials, Government English-medium schools have received nearly three times more application forms than the number of seats available in Class 1, As, this tremendous change depicts the increment of desire among parents to send their wards to English-medium institutions.

However, The English Medium Mahatma Gandhi State Government Schools have received 60,000 applications against the 18,093 seats available in Class 1.

Additionally, A school in the state capital Jaipur has received about 1,400 applications against 60 seats.

However, As per the reports, with growing desire of students and parents for English-medium education, the secondary education department has added 168 schools last year. Now, there are over 200 such schools in the state.

As per Sourabh Swami, Director of Secondary Education, This is only the third year since the English-medium schools came into operation and have earned the trust of people. Wherever the number of applicants is higher than available seats, lottery system is adopted for selection


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