Bigg Boss 14 Review

Bigg Boss is one of the most loved and awaited shows of Indian Television. Like always, the creative team behind Bigg Boss always makes a few changes in the show format. But the thing which brings TRP to the show is the show contestants.

What is best in Bigg Boss 14

Like always, creatives of the show have brought entertaining contestants. This time show has singers, actors, and entertainers. The tasks made by the show makers are also good. Every contestant is so smart in making stories as such it is bringing more viewers.

Worst in Bigg Boss

Worst in Bigg Boss
Worst in Bigg Boss

As per Twitter trends, the worst thing about the show is “biasedness” and the second worst thing is bringing a celeb like Farah Khan, to the show who is biased. The special brand building for a few contestants is destroying the image of Bigg Boss itself because the audience is well aware of whom they like and whom they not. Using Salman Khan for taking the side of a particular contestant is not fine for Salman itself.

Three most weak contestants till now

Even after doing huge promotions and being protective for these contestants, these contestants are not able to play strongly in the big boss house. These contestants are Jaan Kumar Shanu, Eijaaz Khan, and Shardul. Jaan is playing like a foolish person who can not think beyond Nikki. Eijaaz is always portrayed as either a victim or is often got aggressive after every question. While Shardul till today can’t think that upon which matter he should play.

Medium spoilers who should improve themselves

Worst in Bigg Boss

Rubina, Pavitra, Nikki, and Kavita are already great stars. They all have their own specialties but still, they are struggling in playing well. Rubina is playing wisely and is being saved by her fans, but sometimes she finds herself trapped under her game. Thanks to her husband “Abhinav” due to which she is doing well. Pavitra is a strong contestant though but her love angle with Eijaaz is making her weak. Nikki is living in a big illusion that she is a very strong contestant. In reality, she misuses weaker ones and being misused by smart ones. Kavita did not play really well initially, so she was eliminated in the very first week, but after coming back, she has improved a lot though she still has not stopped using bad language, now she has improved a lot and has known the game of all the house members.

The Strongest ones in the BiggBoss House

Bigg BosRahul Vaidya is the bests 14 Rahul Vaidya
Rahul Vaidya is the best

Rahul Vaidya, Jasmin, Ali Goni, and Abhinav are the four strongest members in the house. Rahul Vaidya in a real sense is one man Army and Bigg Boss themed “I am the best”. Whenever he talks or whatever he acts or on whom so ever he reacts, he carries himself so well. He put and present himself brilliantly so people label him “King” or “One Man Army” of Bigg Boss. In the present time, the real mastermind of the house is “Ali”. He is playing his all cards really well. If Ali is seen as the mastermind then Jasmin is the mind herself. She is the silent player and superstar celeb of the “Bigg Boss 14”. If Jasmin is the silent player then Abhinav is the gentle player. His honesty and loyalty toward household work and patience have made him a very strong contestant in the Bigg Boss house.


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