Kapil Sibal has opened up on the “decline” of the Congress but lacks the courage to tell Rahul Gandhi the truth: unless ⁦INC⁩ transforms itself from a family-run enterprise into a political party, it will continue to lose elections.

Bihar Election 2020 New Delhi: Congress leader Kapil Sibal has targeted Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi after the party’s continuous defeats in the last several elections. He said that the top leadership of the party has accepted defeat as its destiny. He said that it seems as if the public does not even see Congress (Congress) as an option. Earlier, Congress General Secretary Tariq Anwar (Tarik Anwar) had also said about the poor performance of INC in the Bihar Assembly elections.

Kapil Sibal bemoaned on INC defeat in Bihar Elections

Let me tell you that under the Mahagathbandhan in Bihar elections, Congress contested on 70 seats. Of this, only 19 seats went to the Congress. This also dealt a major blow to the Mahagathbandhan and it could not gather the majority figure. Sibal said in an interview to the English newspaper Indian Express that the Congress leadership has accepted that defeat has become his destiny. He said that it seems from the results of the by-election that people no longer see Congress as an alternative.

He said that we could not win a single seat in the by-elections in Gujarat. The situation was the same in the Lok Sabha elections. In Bihar, the RJD was an option, but the damage done to the Congress should be reviewed. I do not know that the Congress leadership is also considering this as a normal incident. He said that in the by-elections in Uttar Pradesh, the bail of many Congress candidates was forfeited. The Congress has not even got 2 percent votes on such seats.

Know what Congress General Secretary Tariq Anwar said on the question regarding Rahul Gandhi becoming president again
Sibal said that we know what is the problem as an organization. Everyone knows its solution too. The Congress party also what the solution is, but shies away from accepting the solution. If this remains so, the results may be worse in the coming time. He said that the CWC has to be democratized as per the party’s constitution. Currently, there are only nominated members in the CWC who do not want to adopt a solution.

What did Tariq Anwar say
In an interview to PTI-language, Tariq Anwar said, “An atmosphere of change has been created in Bihar. We could not take full advantage of it. We hoped that if the Congress fought for 70 seats, it would win at least 50 percent of the seats. But we stayed at 19. This caused a bit of shock.

Anwar emphasized this, ‘The high command and Rahul Gandhi got full support. But somewhere we have been weak. If there was no weakness, we would have got 35-40 seats. It will be further analyzed that what is the reason that the performance was so. Should be self-concerned. We have also demanded from our side. I think the high command is also serious about this.

When asked about the reasons for this demonstration, the Congress General Secretary said, “We cannot reach any conclusion so soon. There is a failure somewhere. We have to identify the same so that it is avoided from repeating in the elections going to be held in the coming year. We want to talk to the people involved in the elections, the candidates and the people of the District Congress Committee to find out where the mistake went.


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