Nirbhay punia’s new track “PUADH” has released and while interacting with the Singer in an interview through Humari baat show “FUN KI BAAT” we came to know all about the singer personal life , Family background, Education, Future plans and upcoming projects .

Moreover, The punjabi singer also talked about his song and the whole concept behind doing the puadh song and how he collaborated with music director “MIX SINGH” and other team members. He also reveal that his upcoming projects are coming soon and going to songs in every genre.

Apart from this, in rapid fire game round he spoke about his choice , likes and many more personal preferences.

Moving forward to the song ; Puadh song is a punjabi song by ‘Nirbhay punia’ and music directed by Mix Singh. The genre of the song is Hip Hop. The song by the name itself depicts an area in the punjab region. In the song the singer talked about the high living of the people residing in the Puadh area. As the singer belongs to that area itself so he wrote and talked about it in every impressive manner. Nexus to this, the video is very eye catching and the music of the song has a different and majestic vibe.

It has been observed that the audience liked the performance of the singer and the song is trending .

Listen to Music :


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