There are many daily life issues that can trigger human’s stress and may convert it into home based conflicts. Out of these issues, debt mismanagement is most common. TVNF India took this initiative and has produced a short film called “Mayajaal” that directly encapsulated the consequences of Debt Management. The Movie is directed and written by Satya Prakash Sabherwal.

The story of the film started with a female doctor who is checking his patient. Actually Patient had attempted to suicide due to debts. The Film show cased the ill effects caused by the taking easy loans to live comfort life. The story is simple and sober but is related to every individual.

All the character had played there roles really well, though need to ignore “conscious behavior” while delivering dialogues. Doctor’s role has been played by Neelam Gupta, while Subodh Gulati and Menu Mishra has played the couple role i.e. “Jignesh and Ramiya”. Captain Rakesh has played Ramiya’s father.

Best Part – A strong and practical message with apt direction
Tip – Actors need to work on skills
Rating – 3.5 out of 5.


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