Humari Baat annually does survey of 7 million people to know top five in various categories. We analyze and study through TRP, viewers survey, social media popularity. Here we are listing top five TV series. These top five TV series are from different genres and are best in their genres.

Note – This list does not include Reality shows

#5 is Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah in Best Comedy TV Series of 2019

#5 is Tarak Mehta ka oolta chasma in Comedy TV Series
Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chasma in Best Comedy TV Series of 2019

One of the longest running TV Shows “Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is the leading TV shows in Comedy Genre. The show was begin in 2008 and after 11 years the popularity of the show remains same. On TRP charts, the show always comes in top twenty every week. So all the comedy shows led behind this legendary comedy TV series.The credit of this mega success goes to all the characters and the show dialogue writers.

#4 is Radha Krishna as the Best Mythological / Historical TV Series of 2019

Radha Krishna as the Best Mythological / Historical TV Series of 2019
Radha Krishna as the Best Mythological / Historical TV Series of 2019

People around India always has a special place for Mythological Serials. It was Sampoorna Ramayan of 1988 that changed the image of Doordarshan channel and had increased the demand of buying televisions. It was Devon Ke Dev Mahadev that brought the use of visual effects in Indian Small Screen. It is RadhaKrishna TV series of Star Bharat that promoted the entire channel and made the users to buy the particular channel just to watch one TV series “Radha Krishna”. So let us chant “Radhe Radhe”.

#3 as Nazar as the best Supernatural TV Series of 2019

Nazar as best TV Supernatural TV Series of 2019
Nazar as the best Supernatural TV Series of 2019

Though the show has done brilliantly on TRP charts in the first six months of 2019 but it is one of the most viewed daily TV Soaps on Hotstar. The success of the show is attributed to the three charismatic characters. They are EkAyan Daayan “Mohna”, Daavansh “Ansh” and “Devik “Piya”. The twist and turns of the show has made its spot at number 3 in top five TV series of 2019.

#2 as Chhoti Sardarni as Best Daily TV Series

Choti Sardarni is a very different story of two lovers that actually was very different from other because it begins with Manav and Meher who gets separated by Meher’s family since the main reason was that Manav was brutally killed by Meher’s mother because she has done inter-caste marriage. Later pregnant Meher gets married to very nice hearten Sikh guy Sarabjeet. This story connected viewers directly with Sarabjeet and Meher which has put the show at number 2 spot.

#1 is Naagin 3 as the best TV Series (Overall)

Ekta Kapoor is the Queen producer/maker of small screen because her concepts always glued the audience to watch her shows. Naagin series on Colors is one show that audience waits to watch. The craziness for the show has made the show as highest rated. It surely has best graphics, it surely has the best story line and best characters. Weather Naagin 3 or Naagin 4 both have maintained the top spot on all the TRP ratings and on all surveys.

Special Mentions YEH JAADU HAI JINN KA, Kasauti Zindagi ki 2


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