Mohna in Nazar

Mohna aka Monalisa’s popularity is so high that audience is loving her attitude and the ways she is acting.

Nazar is an Indian supernatural television series that airs on StarPlus and streams on Hotstar. It is produced by Gul Khan and Karishma Jain under 4 Lions Films, directed by Atif Khan, and written by Mrinal Jha.

While other characters like Ansh and Pia also got the appreciation of the audience but the impact of EKayan Dakini is so tremendous that whenever Mohna is absent from the show, TRP of the show goes down.

The character called “Mohna” currently has now become the one of the most iconic characters.

From the first episode the way she entered the show along with very creative VFX, she connected to the viewers and became a homely Dakini aka EKAYAN. Nazar has showcased other more powerful demons e.g. Mayank and her step Mother, Dola, Kohra etc. But Mohna’s attitude, acting, intelligence and powers surpasses even “Davansh” Ansh and “Devik Piya.

Whenever Pia takes the form of Goddess Durga, then viewers got mesmerised, says the audience. So they are willing to see the climax when Pia will take the form of “Mahakali” to kill witch Mohana.

Another very pivotal character of the show that is also loved by audience is “DILRUBA” chudail. She is shown as an enemy of Mohna but she is not as clever as Mohna, But her laughter and her comedy behaviour has glueed the audience to watch her.

Why Mohna’s Character is loved by the audience?

  • Naughty, beautiful and graceful Dayan has lured audience too, you will find it rare when teen and young boys also watch the show because they are in love with beautiful Dayan, Gorgeous Devik and Peppy Chudail.
  • The way Mohna initially helped Vedshree and her relatives from many problems, made her character little positive.
  • Acting of Monalisa adds more flavor to the role. It is because her versatile shades in the role would be faded, if her performance did not happen to be the excellent.

If we consider the story of the show, it is entertaining and engage great twists but in the end it is “Daily Saas Bahu” fight, but the difference is that both are having supernatural powers. The character Ansh initially was written weak but now his character is strong may be because of upgradation of his powers. Ansh is mainly loved by the young boys. All the other characters of the show have played their roles very well.

Director along with VFX and cinematography has done great job in making the show one of most popular daily shows of 2018-19.


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