When the trailer was out everyone was laughing and making a fun of the movie. Look , look what he is doing, the girls at the very moment was feeling shy at this is not the kind of stuff they should watch with their father and brother. But, this social dogma and insecurity of menstruation had made the life of women miserable. This shyness had made them weak and so the men pervert. Which ultimately results into many diseases related to the genital organs in the female.

In India where a female is not allowed to talk about her menstruation publicly. They hide this from everyone, in that society you are fighting not only with their poor mentality but also with their ill perspective about feminism. But why so? They are females and this is the nature’s process they are not only the one still they have to hide this. Every female goes through the same cycle. In village areas girls don’t buy the sanitary products from a male seller as it makes them feel uncomfortable and humiliated. In such society it requires courage to raise a big issue among the society. “Mother strong, sister strong and wife strong then country strong” dialogue of the movie is quite impressive. Empower them by supporting their dreams and by taking care of their health. Proper healthy habits can make their life more secure and healthy. This is the reason why females leave the school after Primary in remote areas. For them those days become more difficult in terms of health and in terms of taboos carried by society.

Padman is going to be a historical movie which is raising an issue which is discussed the most but under the veils of society. But, why not as women you can think of supporting this. Don’t take it as a disease, this is natural and you have to feel proud that the nature has given you the best he can. Watch this movie along with your family and let the veil remove. It’s important for living a healthy life. When you will move toward the remote areas the darkest reality will come in front of you and that is urinary tract and urogenital infections. The restrictions and myths regarding to the menstruation had made the females mentally blind. Can’t they see they are dying due to the diseases. But, still wanna stick to the narrow mindedness. Let the change begin with the Padman. Movie is not only fighting with the society but also with the women who still feels that this should be kept under the boxes. Right time to take one more step toward women empowerment.


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