Captain of the Indian cricket team Virat is not only a name, he is the game of India. Many Indian had started watching cricket when Sachin started to play but Virat made girls to fall in love with the cricket. This seems to be funny but that,s true. He had now made us proud by winning the four ICC awards in one year. Player of the year, ODI Player of the year, captain of the ICC test team and one day team of the year Award. This is first time in the history that any cricketer had won four awards in a single year. Before him Ricky and Dhoni had get the highest position by winning three awards in the one year. Kohli is really a record maker and record breaker. At this very young age of 29 he proved his intensive skills and used his aggression in a positive way.

Although, he has proved that in India he is the lion but the team India’s performance against South Africa left us disappointed. The previous history of the matches shows the poor performances on the foreign pitches. And the cricket lovers were missing captain cool badly. The only person in the cricket history to won 3 ICC best Captain Awards. No, doubt Virat is a run Machine but without a good Captain our team exist nowhere. India really needs a mastermind to break the Strategy of opponent team. Breaking records and making runs seems to be false when your team finds it difficult to win the single match.

Kohli has to work on his team. Yes, he is a good batsman but India needs a Captain and hope so that soon he will prove his this quality too. Yes, in South Africa we were having the most toughest Indian team. But, whom should be blamed after defeat in overseas countries. We are having best bowlers best batsmen than what next, it’s the teamwork and leadership which is missing. We can’t compare Dhoni and Virat together it will seems to be the comparison of water and fire. Same game but two different name but one dream and that is to make Indian Cricket number one in the world. We hope that the best player can raise the best team.


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