Rising Star season 2 has began today but Soch Ki Dwar theme didn’t work well. It was exciting and fascinating to see Rising Star and its performances specially, Rajnigandha.Image result for RajniGandha rising star

She created best environment. Her voice was superb, her impact was marvelous but “Soch ki Dwar” was not implemented by the two judges especially Shankar and Monali. I don’t know what was lacking in the singing of her that they did not vote to her, but they voted the Amritsar guy. The guy also deserved vote but why not Rajnigandha. I think both the judges forgot the theme since they did not help to pull up the real contestants who really need a platform.

Rating – 4 stars

Well the show was really rocking. Its opening was fantastic, TRP was magnificent and last but not the least contestants were marvelous. But for sure, Judges did not do their job well. It is just the opinion of Team Humari Baat. What our public is thinking? Please comment.


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