Satish Kaushik Murder or heart attack

New Delhi. Not even a week has passed since the death of popular actor and director Satish Kaushik. Doubts have been made that Satish Kaushik death is planned by his friend Vikas Malu. When Satish Kaushik’s health deteriorated, Kuber Group owner Vikas Malu was with Satish Kaushik. Now, Vikas Malu’s second wife has presented a new issue.

In the complaint, Sanvi Malu claimed that on August 23, 2022, her husband Vikas Malu had organized a party in Dubai. In the party Dawood Ibrahim’s son was also present.

She further claimed that Satish Kaushik had gone to Vikas Malu’s house before the party and it’s claimed that Kaushik had a dispute of 15 crores with Vikas. Saanvi Malu’s claim is being looked at from different angles. In a nutshell,

Who is Vikas Malu?

Vikas Malu would have been a close friend of Satish Kaushik. So he is a businessman from Delhi and is the director of Kuber Group. Saanvi Malu, who has accused Vikas, is his second wife. The allegations made by Vikas Malucha’s wife in the death of Satish Kaushik will be investigated. Inspector level officer of South West district has been asked to investigate the entire episode, police are speaking to register the woman’s statement.

Police has recently found some objectionable medicines at farm house.

If a little of this found to be true in future, whole Bollywood will be again in slits of too many questions, moreover Bollywood will have to open up all the secrets regarding any connections with Dawood Ibrahim and underworld.


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