Who is Supreme in Hindu Mythology?

Who is supreme between Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Adi Parashakti? This a question that puzzles everyone who reads the Hindu Scriptures. Various Shakta-oriented scriptures like Devi Bhagwat Mahapurana, Durga Saptashati, etc claim Devi is the essential Para Brahman and everything is born out of her. While Shivaism claims Sada Shiv is the one who is beyond time, space, and matter. While Vaishnavs consider Krishna as Swayam Bhagwat and Supreme by all means. In ancient times it was advised to read Hindu scriptures under highly experienced and knowledgeable mentors. It was because if we read these scriptures on our own or under the guidance non-knowledgeable mentor, it ultimately leads to wrong interpretations. All the Scriptures are actually pointing to the same thing. Out of all these wrong interpretations, one is the debate between Vaishnavists, Shaktists, and Shivaists that who is supreme between Shiva, Devi, and Vishnu.

Today, the best try will be done to end the long-lasting debate.

The universe is one mega-system that comprises many subsystems. To run any basic system one must require a processor, memory, data, space, time, current, temperature, and intelligence.

Space actually is the region upon which the system will be manifested. Data is raw which will be processed under time mechanics to convert it into information. Memory is the preserver or storer of the data, processors, and processed information. Current is required to maintain the flow of functioning while tempo or intensity is required for strengthening the system. Every system is designed for a given time after which it will be dissolved. The phenomenon that is doing all this is Intelligence.

“Srishti” or Creation is also a big system. The entire Constant is Shiv Tatva, Anything that is changing is Shakti Tatva, while Anything that is preserving or sustaining is Vishnu Tatva. Even the magnitude of constants can be changed by Shakti Tatva.

The Divine Constant is Time, Temperature, and Current. The time is SadaShiv, Temperature is Ishwar or Maheshwar and Rudra is Current.

The Divine Dynamism is Energy or Adi Parashakti, Intelligence or Prakriti, and Information or Vidya.

While anything that is sustaining and preserving is Vishnu Tatva. So Data is Vishnu, Processor is Krishna and the Memory is Narayana.

While the manifested Space or position is Brahma. Supreme Intelligence or Param Prakriti divides itself into five forms of Prakriti i.e. Budhi, Vak, disha, gayatri and bhavna. The Five Prakrities are used by Krishna to process data to form Vidya or Information.

If you go by such an interpretation you will analyze that all the divinities are supporting each other to balance creation. There is no such thing as supremacy.

Shiva is Time, Energy is Adi Shakti, and Vishnu or Krishna is Mass field. Now tell who is supreme out of the three?


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