The top ten dance numbers of Sridevi

Is there any diva in Bollywood who has worked in more than 300 films? Is there any diva who was paid more than male co stars? Is there any diva who has dominated in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi cinema? Is there any superstar who is masterpiece in all gnres?

In eighties there was a female megastar “SreeDevi”, who was encapuslation of all the attributes mentioned above. Her name was enough to engage celluloids.

The way Rajesh Khanna impacted the impression of hero, Sridevi purely changed the face of heroien in a film. That is why she was regarded as the first female superstar of the Indian Cinema. She had the aura like Hema Malini, grace like Rekha, art like Nargis dutt. Add to above, she was able to pull audience to the theaters the way a hero pulls crowd to the cinema theaters.

The “Leo” was born to lead till her end. On 24th of February, 2018, the she was invited by God to perform act in front of him. She left us for ever. She was a great actress but she was incredible dancer too. She initiated her career from 3-4 years of age. So even though being a Tamilian, she was never trained in dance. The following ten dance numbers of Sridevi proves that she still is one of the best dancers of Indian cinema.

The top ten dance numbers of Sridevi

Naino Mein Sapna – Himmatwala

Naino Mein Sapna – Himmatwala

The song has played a crucial role in making the impact on Indian Audience. Her jumping and pumping dance moves with enchanting expressions along side Jitendra, has made her overnight superstar.

We baba waraba – Judai

This dance number was one of the best character dance of 1990s. She was older than Urmila, but her dance with perfection of her character in the film proved that Sridevi is best in character dancing.

Morni Baga Ma Dole

The Song illustrates her skills in folk dance.

Lamhe Classical Dance

This dance makes you feel “is really Sridevi not trained in classical dancing?”

Mere Haathon Mein Nau – Chandni

Sridevi proved her definite Punjabi folk dancing skills.

Naa Jane – Chaalbaaz

This Western number from Chaalbaaz is best to rock on. It was one of the most played and performed dance number of 1980s and 90s in parties. Sridevi western dance moves in the song proved her western dancing ability.

Lamhe Psychic dance number

This is another example of her best character dancing. This sequence of her in the movie was very much appreciated by the critics.

Hawa Hawai – Mr India

This song gave sridevi her most recognized nick name – Hawa Hawai. She not only dancing, but she is expressing every moment with full on humor.

If any situational song that has made the impacted audience in a suspectical way than this song will be the first number. It is recognized as one of the cult songs in the Bollywood. The full credit for this goes to Sridevi’s performance.

Tandava from Chaalbaaz

As per me, Chaalbaaz is her best film. Because It not only showed her versatile acting talent but it also showed her versatile dancing skills. This classical dance sequence is classy, energetic massy and outstanding.


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