Cow dung can replace petrol and diesel

Cow dung is an appropriate source from which CNG gas can be produced. It is being tested in various countries for this. It is observed that Biogas has almost 55 to 65% of methane content and rest is carbon dioxide. More pure and clean version of its processing matches the methane content of CNG. Mathematically, 100 cows will 1000 Kg of cow dung per day. A bio digester will produce almost 40kg of gober gas. This can encapsulate CNG gas in the cylinders.

Gober - CNG Plant

This gober gas can further be used in vehicles as a replacement for petrol and diesel. Also, this gas can be utilized for cooking cylinders. Though, its pilot project in Haryana identified the presence of high amount of unused waste. As per the reports the typical composition of raw biogas does not meet the minimum CNG fuel. But USA recently has raised $75 million for this. They have assured the production of clean and usable products.

What if CNG production initiated from cow dung?

Utilization of Methane - CNG
Utilization of Methane – CNG

Whole world will see new and cheap fuel for their vehicles and stoves. It will bring economical use of cattle in large scale. Cow conservation project will be necessity throughout the world.


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