Radhe Maa Controversy

Radhe Maa is known for doing controversies. But she is pure and pious for her devotees. This time she was featured in Bigg Boss season 14. As per the plot, she was called by “Bigg Boss” to bless the house before the inauguration of the show. She visited the complete house and praised it for its architecture. She further wished that the show will do well and will get good TRP.

But this was not all accepted by the majority of followers of Sanatan Dharma. Many saints feel it is disrespectful for the followers of Goddess Radha and Goddess Durga.

Swami Chidambaranand Saraswati slammed Sukhwinder Kaur "Radhe Maa"

Mahamandleshwar Swami Chidambrananda of Panchayati Akhada said he expects all the religious lovers to boycott such a clever woman who has fooled the innocent people with Radhe Maa’s disguise and made a daunting attempt to tarnish the image of Sanatan Dharma by going to a slutty TV show like Bigg Boss. And further slammed advertisers by saying “Radhe Ma’s biggest sponsors MM Mithaiwala and Global Advertising Company should also be boycotted”.

सुखबिंदर कौर जिसने राधे माँ के आडम्बर से भोले भाले लोगों को मूर्ख बनाया और बिग बॉस जैसे फूहड़ टी वी शो में जाकर सनातन…

Gepostet von स्वामी चिदम्बरानन्द सरस्वती amMontag, 5. Oktober 2020

Team Humari Baat feels a saint should be away from worldly things. Partially or Fully, Team Humari Baat is fully agreeing upon the statements of “Bigg Boss”.


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