RKS Bhadauria

Air force chief RKS Bhadauria has made a big statement amidst tensions with China on the Ladakh border. The Chief of Air Force has said that India is ready to wage war on both the countries. It has become clear from this statement by the Chief of Air Force that India is fully prepared for the situation of tensions from China and Pakistan.

Air force chief RKS Bhadauria
Air force chief RKS Bhadauria

“There is a need to have a strong ability to fight the war in the emerging danger scenario in our neighborhood and surrounding areas,” the Air Force chief said. He further said with full confidence that we are more advanced and operational. Air Force’s strength has increased with the arrival of Rafale.

RKS Bhadauria said, we have operated Rafale, Chinook, Apache and integrated them with our concept of operations in record time. In the next 3 years, we will turn to Rafale and LCA Mark 1 Squadron with full force. Also, an additional MiG-29 will be given, which will be included in the current fleet. With this help, we will take quick and concrete action. Over the next five years, the Tejas, Combat Helicopter, Trainer Aircraft, and many other powerful weapons will be the Air Force costars.


Thankful to DRDO and HAL

“We have placed our trust in the Light Combat Aircraft and in the next 5 years we will induct 83 LCA Mark 1A into the Air Force,” the Air Force Chief said. We are supportive of the indigenous production effort of DRDO and HAL and you will soon see contracts for HTT-40 and Light Combat aircraft in the region.

India is ready for war on both CNC

RKS Bhadauria said that the Air Force is fully prepared for simultaneous war on both MECs with India and China. He said that China’s actions were known only in May, only from the Indian Army and Air Force.

He said the Indian Air Force is changing at a fast pace. The difficulties currently facing the country are complex. The emerging challenges have empowered us to strengthen the capabilities of the Indian Air Force. Our abilities have shocked our opponents.

Air force on Eastern M ready to thwart China’s move

The Air Force chief said, “Air force is ready on Eastern M and there is no question that China is in a better position than us.” He said that the Air Force has made rapid changes with Jab and now a lot of shortcomings have been removed.

Reducing the opponent is not a statistic

On China’s readiness for border deadlock, the Air Force chief said, “There is no question of undermining the opponent.” We have deployed in all relevant areas, Ladakh is a small part. Rest assured, we are firmly positioned to face any challenge.

When asked about the deployment of the Air Force in Ladakh during the standoff with China, the Air Force Chief said, “We have deployed all relevant operational locations to reach the region.” Rest assured, we have strongly deployed every inventory to handle the casualties.


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