Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri dixit is one of the greatest actresses, legendary dancers and megastars in Bollywood. The Padma Shree actress is a celebrity judge on small screen in dance reality show “Dance Deewane 2” on colors TV. She is often labeled as dancing diva or greatest dancing superstar of Bollywood. No any other dancer in both males and female could come close to the perfection and grace of the diva while dancing. Her expressions are still matchless. She was last seen as Begum Bahaar in Kalank in which her performance was appreciated. On her 53rd Birthday we are listing her underrated dance numbers.

The ten most underrated dance number of DANCING DIVA MADHURI DIXIT

Humari Baat explored all the dance numbers of Madhuri but these dance numbers are underrated but these dance numbers proves her incomparable dancing skills.

#10: Laila Majnu from Aaja Nachle

This dance number is the epitome of portraying story while dancing. In the whole sequence she was moving her legs excellently, telling story with hands, lips and eyes, she emoted in the best possible way. This one is the best classy song of Madhuri and will be loved by those who love performing arts.

#9: Laila Mar Gayi from Uttar Dakshin

When the song came, Madhuri Dixit was not the Madhuri. But This was the first glimpse Madhuri Dixit dance number of screen. It was the semi classical number and had showcased her mind blowing expressions.

#8 Dil loye loye aaja aaja mahi

Yarana 1995 was one of the highly anticipated flop films of Madhuri but the songs of the movie were blockbusters e.g. mera piya ghar aya and dil loye loye. Mera Piya ghar aaya became a massive hit and this peppy song faded with time. This song is the perfect mixture of peppiness and simple yet sensual dance moves.

#7: Mein Kohlapur Se Aayi Hun from Anjaam

One of the best folk songs of Madhuri Dixit is this one, this number is having everything expressions, heavy dance moves and most importantly intense beats, however the song was also a hit song but faded away due to presence of “chane ke khet mein” which was a blockbuster song from the same film “Anjaam”.

#6 Jane wo kaisa chor tha from Yaraana

The mind blowing intense moves from this song by not fading away her character, this is one of the best character dancing songs in the history of Indian cinema. Don’t miss her climax laughter in the end of the song.

#5 Tumne agar pyaar se dekha nahi from Raja

This song is from her blockbuster movie that labeled her with nick name female Amitabh, because she carried entire film on her shoulders and her film became a blockbuster. This song is the encapsulation of her madness for dancing just check in the video how beautifully she dances with perfect comic skills.

#4 Main Tumhari Hoon from Sangeet

This song if released today with DJ beats, I am sure it will defeat all the Munnis, Shielas and Chamelis at once. Right from Rakhi Sawant to Sunny Leone, all the item numbers will melt like a candle in front of super exotic number.

#3 Lele Dil from 100 days

Madhuri is best dancer of Bolywood due to her versatility says Pandit Birju Mahraaj because she is single superstar in Bollywood who has performed on maximum number dance styles. This song possessed tough western moves and Madhuri did excellent job.

#2 Saat Suron ki Taar from Sangeet

Once Madhuri was questioned for her favorite movie for best songs and she answered Sangeet because the film was perfect amalgamation of versatile music composition and different dance styles on the Song. This song possess Bharatnatyam mood and Madhuri being a trained Kathak dancer performed Bharatnatyam oriented semi classical dance with unparalleled grace.

#1 Sanso Ki Maala from Koyla

This number is the most toughest dance number of Madhuri Dixit in my opinion, she put her soul into the song. Her spiritual love towards dance is visible in her dance. She was dancing on hot floor of sand. Her performance is so adorable that the performance should be declared as an institution of dancing.

Special mentions – Jaagave Saari Raina from Dedh Ishqiya, Saajan Saajan teri Duhlan from Aarzoo and if you are having any suggest comment for sure. We wish Happy Birthday to the biggest dancing superstar of Bollywood. And pray to God for her well being.


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