Chandigarh Lockdown 4.0 Info

CTU Buses Discontinued Vegetable Supply! Now Buy from Local Vendors

It is to make you all aware that the supply of vegetables and fruits from Chandigarh Transport Undertaking buses in the city has been discontinued from today onwards. You may now buy them from local vendors or from registered vendors placed at your sectors.

MC Registered Rates of Vegetables and Fruits

You may buy onions at Rs 18 per Kg, while you may buy bitter gourd, potatoes and Brinjal at Rs 25 per Kg. You may buy cucumber, Gourd, Cauliflower, Capsicum, Pumpkin and dry Melon at Rs 15 only. Apple gourd and green chili will cost you Rs 30 per kg. Pea will cost you Rs 50 per kg and lemon will cost you rs 80 per kg, while both ginger and garlic will cost Rs 90 per kg. Apple, Mango and Pomegranate will cost you Rs 100 per kg, while Kinnauri Apple will cost Rs 140 per kg. Watermelon is 30 rs per kg, papaya is Rs 40 Rs per kg, grapes are Rs 90 per kg, bananas are 60 per dozen.


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