Joints connect two bones and make it possible to bend and turn in different directions. Joints allow a person to walk, sit, pick up items etc.

Cartilage and fluid between the joint prevent bones from rubbing together and causing pain. When the cartilage is worn it can lead to inflammation which in turn cause joint discomfort.

Cause of joint pain:- joint pain can caused by no.of different disease or disorder

Generally it is caused by the damage of ligament,cartilage and due to some injuries. It can be mild or swear. Joint pain can occur at any joint in the body

Aging is one of the major factor to joint pain, as you get older,cartilage tends to wear down to the point bones rub together

Some list of disease,condition and injuries that can cause joint pain

  • Arthritis
  • Spains
  • Fractures
  • Tendiritis
  • Aseptic necrosis
  • Bursitis

Arthriti has two part:-

1.Rhematoid arthritis-It is an autoimmune disease than cause chronic inflammation.It typically result in warm,swollen and painful joints. Mostly in valve wrist,hand and knee joints and it may also affect other part of body.

It can cause inflammation in those tissue secret lubrication fluid for joint


  • Pain in hand,feet and knee joints
  • Loss range of motion
  • Fatigue
  • Joint redness
  • Stiff joints
  • Joint deformity

2.Osteoarthritis:-Its is a degenerative disease is result from breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone,joint injury,overwight,most commonly affext in your hand,knees,hips and spine


Swollen joint,joint stifness,joint cracking,loss of range of motion

Some ayurvedic treatment for joint pains are:-

1-Night jasmine( Harsingar or paarijat)

It is very beneficial plant for treating arthritis and cure any pain and inflammation in the body

The mixture of 5gm ( leaves+flower+ stem) of harsingar boil in 200gm of water after remaining less than half water consumed daily at morning before breakfast

Note-Tea should not take but if you take,the flower and leaves of harsingar add in the dear and consumed it will be beneficial

It is also helpful inSciatica

-Sciatica is medical condition characterized by pain going down the leg from the lower back. The pain may go down,the back,outside or front of the lest

— Beneficial in inflammation and pain of any part of body

  • 2-5 leaves of harsingar boil in water and make concentrated solution and consumed daily at morning before breakfast

2. Fenugreek seeds ( Maithi)

  • take 5 gm (one teaspoon) of fenugreek seeds and soak them into glass of water at night
  • Next morning,shaking it well and filter it
  • Drink this water and chewing these seeds well
  • Very effective remedy for arthritis

∗It is also helpful in diabetes

For sciatica and back pain:-

  • Take one gram of fenugreek powder and dried ginger powder
  • Take it thrice in a day with luke warm water.

3.Aloe- vera

Take 3-4 teaspoon in lukewarm water daily it balance the osteoblast and osteoclast and maintain the uric acid level in the body and cure inflammation & pain

4.Green tea

It has antioxidant property it increase the secretion of glutathione in the body it responsible for reducing the inflammation and pain in the body. You can use this for cure arthritis

5. Indian goose berry(amla) with butter

Amla is rich source of vitamin c it cure many disease

  • Take fresh juice of amla with butter
  • Heat untill the worm of solution
  • Drink this solution after cooling
  • This is repeated daily till 2 week regularly

Some other treatment:-

Carom seeds(ajwain)–

The oil massage of ajwain on affective area is very beneficial for joint pain

∗ Take lime stone powder( chuna) +honey+turmeric powder mix well with each and make miXture and apply on Affective area, cover tightly it relieves in inflammation and pain, repeat daily untill problem isn’t cured.

Some ayurvedic medicine for arthritis

  1. Nagarjuna ksheerabala thailam
  2. Patanjali aloevra juice with fibre
  3. Ostolief nutra tablets
  4. Ostolief spray
  5. Divya kaishor guggulu
  6. Divya nirgundi kwath
  7. Divya vatari churna
  8. Aloe vera arthritis cream

What should avoid in arthritis

  • Avlid curd, paneer, and cheese completely
  • Avoir refrigerated stored and frozen food
  • Eat freshly prepared light food and avoid reheating left over food
  • Don`t drink cold beverages
  • Minimize the intake of fermented food like idli,dosa
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and quit smoking
  • Don’t lift heavy object
  • Avoid use of drug and addiction supplement

What’s thing beneficial in arthritis

  • Take more multivitamins and Protein diet and food
  • Use massage everyday
  • Try some exercise and yoga
  • Try to walking at least for 20 min daily in morning
  • Drink plenty amount of water in a day
  • Take green tea instead of common tea and coffee
  • Do meditaion for away stress and depression
  • Take hot water shower to reduce pain and joint stifness

Article by Neeraj Madhuria, a health expert and a pharmcist.Neeraj Madhuria


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