When all Indians were celebrating the The Republic Day, on the same day a Hindu youth Chandan Gupta of Kashganj, who was 22 years old, was chanting the slogans of Vande Matram with the tricolor national flag as such, few rascals shot him dead. Team HumariBaat is asking where are the left wing people, who came out for long debates in the favor of the guys who opt out to give respect to our National Anthem or Song. Why are they not condemning this?

Why the people who give discourse on the name of religion and caste today? Why is not anyone talking about this young man today?(A report by Rohan Bhardwaj)

Now both courts and Govt has to answer on the justification of this act?
No TV media is highlighting such news?

Therefore, Team Humari Baat dedicate our prayers to this brother Chandan Gupta and we pray to God not only for his salvation, but also our mother land may have lakhs of patriotic guys like him. He has died but we would call him a martyr.

Our Team found out that Chandan was a noble guy, he used to do good stuff for society. A devotee and a person loved by elders, friends and kids.

During the violence in Kasganj, Shakeel, who is still accused in the murder of youth Chandan, is still absconded. Today the police investigated his house. During this time the rooms were searched by breaking the door. During this search, a pistol was found from a room in Shakeel’s house. The main accused of the riots is still absconded. Police have recovered pistol and desi bombs from his house. His house is in the Tehsil road of Sadar Kotwali.


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