In our country, basil is a very holy plant.Basil is found in every house.It is worshiped as a goddess. Along with religious importance, it is also important in health. Basil is used in Ayurveda to make many medicines from eras. Basil content much antioxidant property and it is worked as an antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial for our body so let us know about the benefits of basil. Health Benefits Of Holy Basil is because it contains also vitamin C, vitamin K, B also present and mineral like magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, sodium potassium also contain

Many peoples eat basil daily for keeping healthy. Basil works as antibiotic and cure different-different types of fever

-Take daily boiled water of basil’s leaves its prevent from dengue and malaria fever.

What are Health Benefits Of Holy Basil

If you have high fever

One teaspoon basil powder and one-third part big cardamom powder boiled in half liter water make concentrated solution and take 2 to 3 times daily and you can take this solution with milk and sugar because basil has antibacterial property due to this we prevent from viral infection


∗Basil contain antioxidant eugenol it controls the blood pressure level and reduce the blood cholesterol level in the disease

∗Daily intake of basil water prevent many heart disease


-Basil has much essential oil and antioxidant compound if improve the functioning of the cell.It regulates the store and release of insulin due to it decreases blood glucose levels so it is very effective in diabetes

Precaution-Do not take it in large quantity because it decreases blood glucose level very fast due to this body become weak and also it affects the functioning of the brain.

Respiratory system

Basil has the ability to treat viral, fungal infection of respiratory system and tuberculosis

It is effective in every respiratory disorder like bronchitis either chronic or acute that’s y it is used in every cough syrup.the essential oil of basil expel out the sputum and relief in cold

Basil leaves or water mix with honey and intake daily 2 to 3 times in a day it relief in cough and cold

Intake of boiled water of basil’s leave it relief in itching of neck

Lungs problem

Improve the function of lungs and it prevent the lungs from damage due to tuberculosis s,lung cancer.It has antibiotic property that’s why it is help in the treatment of tuberclosis

Pain releiving property

Basil has pain releiving property any type of headache either by a migraine, cold,high blood pressure the leave water releive in all type of pain

Detoxifier and Duuretic

Basil also has detoxifier and diuretic property it increase the amount of urine due to this uric acid reduce in body

Kidney stonedevelop from uric acid it increase frequency of urination and clean the kidney, the essential oil and other compound dissolve the kidney stone

Improve theImmune systemof body it protect from the infection of bacteria, virus and protozoa

Note-Omega-3-fatty acid of basil improve memory level and brain power


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