Chandigarh. Haryana government is going to start Sanjivani project for covid patients . Chief minister Manohar Lal will inaugurate it at 9 am on Monday from a video conference. In the project, patients with light features of covid- 19 will be taken care of at their home immediately . They will not have to leave the house of treatment nor will they have to go to the hospital . The government spokesperson has given the information in several other district in coming weeks . The Sanjivani project will expand doctor care in rural areas where awareness about the treatment of the second wave of the virus and disease is low . The government believe that more than 90 percent of patients can be treated at home with proper care . In this such projects will provide an integrated command and control center of management of critical resources like beds in hospital , oxygen supply , ambulance tracking and door to door awareness . Under the project , covid hotline will be operated , which will provide basic training to the covid patients treated in the relationship or clinics.
Apart from medical interns , it will expand the scope of medical advice by mobilizing 200 medical final year and the scope of advice by mobilizing students in the primary year and connecting them with mentors and expert’s .


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