Two reports on the corona virus have left people confused. The committee constituted by the Union Home Ministry has feared a third wave of corona in the month of October, while the professor of IIT Kanpur has said on the basis of his mathematical model that the possibility of a third wave is negligible. One report is intimidating and the other gives relief. Now the question is what do people do. Both the reports were discussed in detail with the experts of PGI. Former Head of Department of PGI’s School of Public Health Prof. Rajesh Kumar says that if we look at other countries, it is known that in many places the fourth and fifth wave have also come. Accordingly, there is every possibility of third wave coming in India too. There are still 40 percent people in the country who have not got corona and there are about 16 million people who have not been able to take the second dose of corona in their stipulated time. In such a situation, there is every apprehension that these people may fall in the grip of Corona. Preparations are also being made to deal with the third wave across the country. The next wave will be lethal or weak. It will be difficult to say anything about this at the moment. I can definitely say that if the third wave does not come, it will be a surprise. In such a situation, the advice is that people should not live in the illusion that the corona is over. There is a need to be careful and alert. Pro. When Rajesh Kumar was asked that the number of people getting the vaccine is increasing continuously, how can the risk of corona increase? On this, he said that the vaccine only reduces the severity of the corona, but does not have much effect on its spread. This means that the vaccine is not effective in preventing the transmission of the virus from one body to another. There have been many such cases in which people had applied both doses of the vaccine and in spite of this they got infected with corona. Corona has spread from them to other people as well. But this does not mean at all that distance from the vaccine. After getting the vaccine, corona can happen but that prevents people from going to the hospital. After this there will be corona, then it will be limited to cough and cold only.


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