There is more than one attack on greenery. Earlier termites were drying them, now fungus. It is starting from the root. Which is the most dangerous for the trees. Due to this not only the leaves are falling but the trunk i.e. the stem is also drying up. Although its effect was not revealed on a large scale, but scientists suggest that such trees have to be identified in time, otherwise other trees will also be affected. Some trees have already arrived. There are more than 400 species of trees in the city. Of these, 22 to 27 percent of the trees are affected by termites. Some trees are drying up because of this. Now the fungus has been found in the roots of healthy trees, which is visible in white and brown color in the upper part of the ground. A fungus called Ganoderma is spreading rapidly on trees like Tuna, Casuarina acucutifolia (Junglisru). Due to this fungus, if there is another tree at a distance of 100 meters, then it is taking only two to four months to reach it. The distance of trees in Chandigarh is only 15 to 25 meters. In such a situation, if this disease spreads, it will not be easy to stop it. Fungus is also called fungus or fungus. It is a large group of organisms that obtain their food from decaying dead organic matter. Their origin is believed to be from the beginning of the world. It occurs in places with high humidity. It is found from house to other places. Which is in the form of an algae. It also has an effect on trees, but the most dangerous fungus is considered to be of the roots, which disrupts all the activities of the tree. According to scientists, wherever the fungus is seen, break it and burn it. Along with this, where the fungus was found, clean it properly. If there is a fungus on the tree anywhere other than the root, it is not harmful, but if it is on the root, it will dry the tree, so dig that root deeply and remove it from there. If the tree is completely affected, cut it down.


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