Hospice. So far, more than 2500 infected patients have been treated in the Zonal Hospital Dharamshala, which has been selected as the covid Hospital to deal with the global pandemic Corona virus. About 260 Corona Warriors were honored by Zonal Hospital Dharamshala for doing better in providing treatment to these patients.

All the doctors, medical staff, sanitation workers, ward boys etc. have worked by dedicating themselves in the service of more than 2500 patients on providing better facilities at District covid Hospital Dharamshala during Corona. MS Dharamshala Dr. Rajesh Guleri honored him for his commendable work. Dr. Guleri informed that in addition to this, a training program for hospital staff was also organized under the ambitious scheme Kayakalp of the Government of India. Make criteria to improve the quality of the hospital.
Based on which the hospitals are ranked. For this, arrangements in the hospital, cleanliness, better treatment to patients and other parameters have to be met. Dr Guleri said that Zonal Hospital Dharamshala got a reward of 50 lakhs in the year 2015-16 for being first in the Kayakalp scheme across the state, while in 2018-19 also got the first position and got Rs 50 lakhs.

Guleri said that by holding an important meeting with the staff, he has been motivated for better facilities in the coming times. Now it has been said to work to provide more facilities to the patients. He said that all 57 tests are being provided free of cost in the hospital. At the same time, reversal is also being provided in the red path.


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