Snowfall in Kinnaur and heavy rainfall


Snowfall is occurring in the higher areas of district Kinnaur and heavy rain in the lower areas. At present, the tourist places Chitkul, Rakham, Sangla, Kalpa, besides Asrang, Nesang, Ropa, Thangi, Kuno-Charang, Kanam, etc., are witnessing heavy snowfall. At present, six inches of snow is being recorded in Chitkul. Similarly,Continue Reading

Himachal Pradesh


Hospice. So far, more than 2500 infected patients have been treated in the Zonal Hospital Dharamshala, which has been selected as the covid Hospital to deal with the global pandemic Corona virus. About 260 Corona Warriors were honored by Zonal Hospital Dharamshala for doing better in providing treatment to theseContinue Reading