Anything in access is bad but drugs in access are worst. They are not only destroying lives but, vanishing families, harassing societies, in the end destroying the harmony, cultural health of a nation. The term drug abuse is very easy to explain and the one who is practicing it is living in a hell.

Causes of Drug abuse in India

Most youths use drugs to start it for sake of fun and fashion but when they gradually get used to it, they do not even know. Their body and mind are dependent started getting influenced from drugs. They do not like anything without taking intoxicants. If they do not consume them, then the pain, restlessness and various diseases in the body begin. The use of these substances on the liver, kidneys and heart has a bad effect. Once habituated, takers can not live without the use of narcotic substances and their intake pushes them towards death.

Many school and college students are in the grip of these drugs. These drugs are very expensive. Students often do not have the money to buy them. In this way they turn towards crime. Making money for drunkenness in any way becomes their objective.

Drugs Abuse in various parts of India

Many Indian states have been caught in this, but the worst affected is Punjab. In many districts of Punjab 70% use is very casual within families. Punjab, which at one time used to give the maximum number of soldiers to the army of the country, has become more drug abusers. Punjabies are now very less recruited to army because of the weakness of the youth due to high drug abuse. The youth of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka have also joined the list of youths having this addiction.

Today, it has become the responsibility of all of us that to expell the young generation from drug addiction. It is necessary for both the government and society. The government should take stringent action against trafficking of drug traffickers. With the foreign passes through which these drugs come to India, they have to keep a close eye on them. A big upgradation is needed in government machinery. Schools and colleges should periodically awared from the dangers of using the drug abuse.

The biggest role players are the parents and they should keep on checking the company of their kids. It is very necessary that parents give time to the children and give them proper guidance and awareness. So they do not get this bad addiction. The youth only build the country. We have to save it in every situation. An inclusive society is our responsibility. We will have to awaken the society for this, then the dream of healthy and prosperous India will really come true.


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