Farmers Protest 2024

Do you think this Instagram Reel claims the truth regarding the Farmer’s Protest in 2024?

There is a reel video on Instagram that is going viral. This Reel claims to highlight the hidden elements of Farmer’s Protest.

In this reel, the narrator is claiming that Rahul Gandhi’s close aide and veteran Congress leader, Deepender Singh Hooda, meets Ramandeep Singh Mann, the mastermind of the farmers’ movement, on November 16, 2023. Subsequently, on November 24, Ramandeep Singh Mann announced the farmers’ movement, and then on December 10, he started participating in rallies related to the farmers with Deepender Singh Hooda.

On December 11, Ramandeep Singh Mann meets some other people in Chandigarh, and after this meeting, they collectively announce their intention to travel to Delhi at the end of January or in February.

Following this, Ramandeep Singh Mann meets Congress leaders Pawan Kheda and Bhupendra Hooda. After this meeting, Ramandeep Singh Mann makes a final announcement of marching to Delhi on January 13.

On January 10, a meeting is held regarding the Kisan Morcha, during which many movements prepare to besiege GV Delhi. After the meeting on January 10, Ramandeep Singh Mann tweets the green signal of his preparation.

On February 11, Rahul Gandhi tweeted urging the farmers to uproot the BJP from Delhi and guaranteed to provide benefits and justice to the farmers. After February 13, hundreds of videos appeared on social media showing individuals dressed as farmers and chanting slogans with pictures of Bhindranwale and Khalistan in the rallies, apparently threatening PM Modi.

Check out the complete Reel below.

Are you finding the claims of the video true?


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