Chandigarh, India – Lok Sabha elections in 2024 is talk of whole India. All the political parties who united under Indi Aliance are counting issues and using them to demean Modi Government. On the other hand Modi countering these statements through his report card of development of last 10 years. This time he detailed the measures taken by his good governance against Drug addiction. He campaigned #DrugFreeIndia to advocate with the mission Narendra Modi said the Addiction not only causes harm to the body, mind, and finances but also inflicts damage on families, societies, and nations. The illicit proceeds from drug trafficking bolster anti-national forces.

In the video he explained that the narcotics trade is orchestrated by antisocial and anti-national elements bent on destabilizing the nation’s peace.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged for a drug-free India to liberate the youth from the clutches of substance abuse. Turning this plea into action, Home Minister Amit Shah, adhering to a zero-tolerance policy against drugs, has initiated efforts to combat drug trafficking through a three-point strategy and various measures. These include the establishment of the N Card, elevating the NCB to the national nodal agency status, and forming the JCC.

A Standing Inter-Ministerial Committee has been set up to prevent the misuse of dual-use drugs, along with the implementation of integrated databases like MIDAAN and the SIMS E-portal for analyzing drug trafficking trends and managing databases. Furthermore, the National Narcotic K9 Pool has been established, and assets are being analyzed by ED and other intelligence agencies, leading to seizures and more.

Stringent action must be taken against drug dealers and traders, which will bolster the anti-drug campaign and deter others from entering the illicit trade.

Between 2006 and 2013, and from 2014 to June 2023, arrests related to narcotics offenses have surged by 321%, while total cases registered have increased by 199%, with drug seizures more than doubling.

Under this policy, instructions have been issued to employ drones, satellites, and other modern technologies for area mapping to prevent the illegal cultivation of opium and marijuana in hilly regions. Additionally, NCB is developing a web portal and mobile app, with assistance from BISAG-N, to detect illegal farming.

Between 2020 and 2023, NCB and other agencies have eradicated 35,592 acres of opium and 82,691 acres of marijuana cultivation. The reuse of seized drugs posed a significant challenge, which Home Minister Amit Shah addressed through a special campaign, successfully destroying 75 thousand kg of narcotics in 75 days, commemorating the 75th anniversary of independence. Surpassing this goal, 12,19,399 kg of seized drugs worth Rs 12,512 crore were destroyed.

The seized drugs were obliterated across the country in various programs attended by Home Minister Amit Shah. For instance, 9,298 kg of seized drugs were destroyed in Bengaluru, 31,000 kg in Chandigarh, 40,000 kg in Gandhinagar, and 1,44,000 kg in New Delhi.

It’s due to the efficient, dedicated, and visionary leadership of Home Minister Amit Shah that New India is setting new records in narcotics arrests, confiscations, and destruction of seized drugs. Here is the complete video shared by the Official handle of BJP Chandigarh.


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