Agnipath Scheme myth vs reality

From the day when Agnipath Scheme was announced, many youths has been protesting against but to some extent they are right burning a training and creating havoc assures that it is political motivated. Here are some myth busters and general review for Indian Government Agnipath Scheme.

What is Agnipath Scheme?

Narendra Modi recently announced that the government will give new employment opportunities to empower the youth of New India, as such, in the upcoming next 1.5 years, the government will recruit 10 lakh people in this mission mode. Considering this, recently Modi Government has launched Agnipath Scheme for the students who have keen interest in joining the defense forces. Under the Agnipath Scheme, an individual between the 17 yrs to 21 yrs can grasp this scheme and will get the monthly package of ₹ 30,000/month with upgradation upto Rs. 40,000/month in 4th yr. The Composite financial package of ₹ 11.71 Lakhs will be given to all the candidates as SEVA NIDHI on completion of 4 yrs. Along with this, the non contributor insurance cover of Rs. 48 Lakhs is another benefit from this Agnipath Scheme.

Agnipath Scheme review - Myth Vs Reality
Agnipath Scheme review – Myth Vs Reality

Myths spread related to Agnipath Scheme

Myth No 1 – Future of Youth is Insecure

It has been said that Agnipath Scheme has no future. Because the job is of four years with no pension plan so this scheme is insecure for future stability. .

Reality to the Myth No 1

The Government will provide financial package of Rs. 11.71 with bank loan scheme after the completion of the program. Through both of this One can start his or her new business. He or She can become an entrepreneur after this. Add to that he or she will b given priority the join CRPF. Generally CRPS do not have the raining that an Army professional gets. If the youths having prior experience of Defense training will be more efficient and effective. It is seen that now a day many have been protesting violently by burning the public property. To tackle them such trained professionals are required.

One can also restart higher studies after this because he will be given 10+2 equivalent certificate with bridging course. he does not need to ask his or her parents for the money to do higher studies.

Myth No 2 – Opportunities for youth will decrease

The opposition and many youngsters are feeling that it will decrease the career opportunities for a youth.

Reality to Myth No 2

The reality is that a youth will get all those opportunities that a normal youth can have but a student who will have completed the agnipath scheme program will not only given priority than others in getting placed in Armed forces, but also will be given financial assistance. Also Told before that this financial assistance can be used professionally to start up business or further can be used to get higher education.

Myth No 3 – This will harm the effectiveness of the Armed Forces.

It was thought that this program will decrease the efficacy of the Armed forces.

Reality to Myth no 3 –

The style of program is tried and tested and many army equipped countries has been using this style of program. It is considered best practice. Additionally, the Agniveers will be tested before re-induction in the military after four years. Hence Army get the tested personnel for supervisory ranks.

Myth No 4: 21-year olds are immature and unreliable for the army.

Many are spreading the lies that 21 years old youth are immature and unreliable for the army But…..

Reality to myth no 4

Reality is that man strong armed countries are depended on young professionals in them not matter what their age is. Add to that no point of time will there be more freshers than the experienced.

Myth No 5: This scheme is launched without discussing it with prior Armed officers

It has been spread that the scheme is launched without proper discussion with the prior armed forces and chiefs.

Reality to Myth No 5

There are many officers have given positive node to this scheme further the scheme was setup by the Department of Military officials. It had been the agenda of discussion since last two years.

Review of Agnipath Scheme

On the whole and after discussing it with many officers Humari Baat feels that the scheme beneficial. Team Humari Baat feels that Government should not have largely marketed the scheme like other. It should be practiced and implemented first. After the completion of the first batch the government shall have marketed it. A minor notification should be given to check the response. Rather than announcing it through Ministers it could have been sent to recruitment boards through officers. It should not have been promoted as any army recruitment. As an individual I see it as the internship or training program in Defense of four years after 10th.

Agnipath protestors are burning train
Agnipath protestors are burning train

The youths who are protesting either don’t have knowledge nor they are well informed, might be they are politically motivated. The youths who are burning the train should not be entertained and should not be given importance rather they should be taught a big lesson. A defense aspiring youth can not spread such terror by burning train. Some people who are defending this are comparing this to Bhagat Singh blasting the assembly. They should learn that Bhagat Singh did it against imperialistic government of British, and this act is against the democratic government elected by the people of India. It is against constitution.


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