New Delhi – At a Conclave, Home Minister Amit Shah exposed the false facts on electoral bonds and said that before the scheme was implemented, donations to political parties were given through cash. But after the introduction of electoral bonds, the names of all the companies which had donated were there.

Taking aim at the Congress, the Home Minister said that the leaders of the opposition party used to take political donations in cash and out of the donation of Rs 1,100, they deposited Rs 100 in the name of the party and kept Rs 1,000 in their pocket.

The Congress Party has operated this system for years. Amit Shah said there is no scope for secrecy after the electoral bond scheme is implemented as the amount is visible in the bank accounts of both parties and donors.

Amit Shah said, “Confidentiality was mentioned because they were afraid that if they donated to the Congress when we were in power, we would harass them. They were afraid that if they donated to us, the Congress would be in trouble in those states. Will trouble those where Congress is in power? How much a party got from bonds is visible in its balance sheet, and what a company gave is also visible in its balance sheet. So where is the privacy? When donations are taken in cash. If there is, then it is confidential. Congress people are not worried about confidentiality. When they take donations in cash, they give Rs 100 to the party and keep Rs 100 with themselves.”


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