Bodies of three missing soldiers found after 9 months, they were buried in a snow mountain, know when and how they were martyred

In October last year, 38 Indian soldiers were trapped in an avalanche in Ladakh. After the accident, many soldiers were rescued in the operation conducted by the army. The body of one soldier was found in that incident, but nothing could be found about 3 other soldiers. These soldiers were buried in the snow.

Now the bodies of these three soldiers have been found after about nine months of the incident. They have been identified as Havildar Rohit, Havildar Thakur Bahadur Ale and Naik Gautam Rajvanshi. The bodies of the three soldiers were buried under layers of snow in the snowy trench area. A special relief and rescue operation was launched to locate the three missing soldiers. But, then this operation could not be successful. Now after about nine months, the bodies of all three soldiers have been found from the snow.

This mission of the army was led by Brigadier SS Shekhawat, Commandant of the High Altitude Warfare School. According to senior military officers involved in this mission, this operation was the most challenging mission of their life. According to military officials, digging was done for 10 to 12 hours continuously in complex conditions for 9 days at an altitude of about 18,700 feet.

Military officials said that several tons of snow were removed to carry out the operation and during this time the difficult weather was giving physical and mental challenges. Despite heavy difficulties, the army succeeded in its mission and the bodies of all three missing soldiers were found. The body of one of the 3 soldiers was handed over to his family. The body of martyred soldier Rohit of Kinnaur district was brought to his native village Taranda where he was cremated with state honors. The bodies of the remaining two soldiers are also being sent to their homes with full honors.

Let us tell you that a contingent of 38 armies of High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) had set out to reach Mount Kun in Ladakh. The expedition started on 01 October 2023 and the team was expected to reach Mount Kun by 13 October 2023. In this mission, the forces had to face the challenges of very bad weather there. On 08 October 2023, while fixing the rope on the snow wall at an altitude of more than 18,300 feet between Camp 2 and Camp 3 on the Fariyabad Glacier, the team suddenly came under the grip of an avalanche, after which all the soldiers were buried under the snow. Many soldiers were rescued in the operation conducted by the army after the accident.


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