Narender Modi on Corona Vaccine

An all-party meeting was held today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made few announcements regarding the Coronavirus. PM Modi said a big thing about the vaccine in this meeting. He announced the vaccine is expected to come in a few weeks. PM Modi indicated that the corona vaccine may be given to the elderly, Corona Warriors first.

Narender Modi on Corona Vaccine

In the meeting, PM Modi said that there are eight such vaccines, which remain in the trial phase. He further said that it is expected that in the next few weeks, there will be good news about the vaccine, work will start on getting approval from the scientists. India is working on special software that will track the delivery of the vaccine to everyone.

Cost of the Covid 19 Vaccine

Covid 19 Vaccine

PM Modi said that the central government is working on the distribution of vaccine on a large scale, which will be launched on the ground with the help of the state governments. The government has also formed a National Expert Group, which will work on this. Center and states will decide jointly on the vaccine cost. The decision on the price will be made in view of the people and the state government will participate in it.

PM Modi said that the government is taking the suggestions from everyone and is proceeding accordingly. There should not be any kind of rumors about the vaccine. It is important for the national interest. In such a situation all the political parties have to be aware.

As you all knew that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a virtual meeting with the Chief Ministers of several states in view of the rapid rise in Corona cases.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted before the all-party meeting. He wrote that we hope that in the all-party meeting today, the PM will clarify how long the corona vaccine will be given to every Indian. This all-party meeting is taking place at a time when a large number of farmers are protesting against the 3 agricultural laws at the Delhi border for the last 7 days. However, the plan of the corona vaccine is to be discussed in the meeting.


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