Diljeet versus Kangana and Khalistan like propagandas of People like Yograj Singh Hijacked farmers protest.

The farmer’s protest against the new farmer’s bill is one of the most important protests because it is the voice of democracy and establishes the fact that one cannot make any law without the consent of the creators of the government i.e. the public. With the emergence of this movement, many others wanted to use this protest for selfish propaganda. For this, they started doing public speaking and voiced for Khalistan.

Arrest Yograj

One such incident that happened during the protest was called by the father of cricketer Yuvraj Singh. His name is Yograj Singh and when his video has begun to trend on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook people got themselves distract from the original motive of the trend. People now have started bashing him with the trend arrest Yograj and BJP used this as proof that many are using the protest for Khalistan.

On the other side, Kangana and Diljeet’s virtual fight picked another advantage which is giving both of them publicity for free of cost. Many other Punjabi celebs and public figures also involved in this. Captain Amrinder Singh, the chief minister of Punjab also filed a case against Kangana Ranaut. Now, it is more becoming Kangana versus Punjabi film industry and Punjab government.

Diljeet versus Kangana

Humari Baat insists and requests all to not to give importance to these things. We have to focus on the plea of Farmers rather than others who wanted to wash their hands in flowing Ganges. It is a duty of all Hindus and Sikh communities not to make it a communal battle. There are many farmers who are Hindus also and many are Muslims too. It is not the protest for religion but it is for the farmers, the real sons of Goddess Annapurna. We also request Kangana to feel sorry to the granny. We also feel that Diljeet must feel sorry to Kangana for using disgusting language.

Humari Baat


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