Wearing a mask is very important to avoid corona. Health experts and doctors of the country and the world are constantly insisting on applying masks. Here, a different discussion is happening on social media regarding masks. It is being told that wearing a mask for a long time can increase the level of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in our body and it’s dangerous. So do not wear a mask for a long time. Congress MLA from Jamtara in Jharkhand and MBBS doctor Irfan Ansari said that wearing a mask for a long time increases the level of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in your body. His video became quite viral on social media, after which many people are wondering whether this is true?
Today in the news of need, we will tell you that the mask you are wearing for your safety, can it make you sick? Does applying a mask really increase the level of CO2? No, wearing a mask for a long time does not increase the CO2 level of your body. America’s health agency Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has clarified that the information given about masks on social media is not correct. Wearing a mask for a long time does not increase the level of CO2. The CDC explained how the CO2 comes out of the mask.
How do masks work against corona?
In the corona era, experts have considered masks as a protective shield. According to experts, masks protect us from corona virus. It is a strong weapon to stop the virus. Therefore, masks have been made mandatory in all countries of the world. When you are in a crowded place and someone infected comes in contact with you, then the mask protects you from infection by stopping the virus present in air droplets. Wearing a mask reduces the chances of spreading corona from person to person but you have to take care of some things while wearing and taking off the mask. If you are not wearing it with utmost care then it will not be able to protect you from corona virus.
Which mask gives the most protection? Whatever mask you wear will definitely protect you from the virus but some will give less protection and some will give more. Omicron infections are increasing in the country. If experts are to be believed, cloth masks are not very effective in stopping the Omicron variant. That’s why you should use N-95 mask. This mask is considered to be the best. It protects you 95% from viruses and 100% from bacteria. N – 95 masks are made of polypropylene fibers that prevent corona virus from entering your body from the air. N-95 masks filter small and large aerosols. At the same time, cloth masks filter only large aerosols. That’s why N-95 masks are being considered better than cloth.
Is it beneficial to wear a double mask? According to Duke University’s doctor Bice Smith, there is no problem in applying a double mask. If you have no problem wearing it then you can wear a double mask, but first put on a medical mask then put on a cloth mask.
What type of mask should not be worn?
Single layer masks should not be bought because they are not very effective in protecting against corona. If a mask feels loose to wear, then do not wear it because through this the virus can get into your nose. Avoid wearing too tight masks. After wearing it, you will try to loosen your mask again and again and this will increase the risk of spreading the infection.


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