‘Pinky Didi’, a women of about 60 years old is raising slogans like ‘ We’ll fight – Marenge, contract nahi denge’ against the excise policy of the Delhi government. Scindia Kumar, the head of these women is demanding from the Delhi government that the opening of liquor vends in residential and unauthorized areas should be stopped.They go on dharna in Narwana Road, Acharya Niketan and Pandav Nagar areas of Delhi.Now the matter of opening of liquor shops in these areas is in the court. Scindia Kumar is in discussion since then. In a conversation, Scindia Kumar says, ‘Whatever is the case of women and children, I always stand by their side.
Sharing the journey of becoming a social worker, Scindia Kumar says, ‘I was born at Chandni Chowk, the heart of Delhi where history is still alive today. Father was Muslim and mother was Christian. Since childhood, I was taught to respect all religions and treat human beings as human beings. Today in Jama Masjid, what you call Urdu Bazaar was named by my father. I grew up in a business family and our house name was Urdu Manzil. I got social work in dowry and even today I am alive on the strength of that and I am engaged in the service of the people. When we grew up, mother felt that the area of ​​Jama Masjid was not suitable for our studies. There was a lot of noise due to the fish market around there, so mother sent us to Pathankot to study and we graduated there. When I came back to Delhi, I saw that my father’s health was very bad in those days. Then he could not stay in this world much longer and passed away. Mother gave equal education to four of us sisters and one brother.
Since childhood, we are watching parents help people.Mother and father adopted many families.Many girls have professional skills and got a job after getting it. Everyone used to call mother as mam sahib in old Delhi, because she was educated and used to help everyone. Father always used to say that respect is earned by help not money. Social work was done by her upbringing. The worm also came into me and I also started my own NGO after marriage. Started with childhood friend Sajida Khan along with her childhood friend Sajida Khan formed the organization ‘Surnirman’ in 2012. Started working for women and children. Worked in ITO, Patparganj, Shashi Garden and Central Delhi. Night, day, cold or summer we do not see anything and we are always ready to help those who need help. Since 2012 till now our organization has given English speaking course to 105 children. We have also provided beauty to 200 children and computer education to 250. So there, more than 400. We has also worked on Domestic Violence cases. Now everyone wants to become ‘Pinky Didi’, got 15-20 thousand jobs for the children of the slum. 5 machines to teach girls sewing – embroidery – knitting. Married five girls. I did not help anyone thinking that I had to earn name or fame, I wanted the love of people, so I am engaged in helping humanity. Once I went to DLF Mall in Noida and there a girl came running after me and I said – Who are you? Then I came to know that her is ‘Anjum’. She told that she works here in the mall. After this I was so proud that today my educated children are earning something and are standing on their feet.
I don’t have any funding but tell my friends to send me whatever things they have in their house. I distribute them among the children of my slum. I feed the elderly women sports so that they too can enjoy life. My house name is Pinky. My educated children have named me after my house and I am known among these children as ‘Pinky Didi’. Now many children are also fond of becoming ‘Pinky Didi’. I would like to tell everyone that by looking at someone, do not fill yourself with inferiority complex. Why do we need to compete with someone? We should try to bring out the beauty inside us. Whatever is good for you and good for the society, only that should be done. I would like to tell every girl that they should stand on their own feet, use whatever talent comes in their hands and make their skills their means


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