Said that the souls of Duryodhan and Aurangzeb are present in Congress.

This time the people of the country did not allow Congress to contest elections on 400 seats

Chandigarh, May 20
UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath made a sharp attack on INDIA bloc, including Congress and Aam Aadmi Party, saying they never respected the spirit of the country.

Sometimes they deny the existence of Lord Shri Ram and sometimes oppose Lord Shri Ram temple built in Ayodhya.

In his familiar style, Yogi Maharaj kept the focus of the entire speech on Hindutva. Despite the scorching heat, the huge crowd that reached Yogi’s public meeting started cheering every line of his speech right from his arrival.

There was a lot of enthusiasm in this election rally of Yogi organized in support of Chandigarh BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon.

Yogi Aditya Nath started his address by paying homage to Chandi Devi and Mansa Devi mata and gurus welcoming the people of Chandigarh.

In his speech, he talked about the end of terrorism, corruption and starvation along with terrorism, corruption and starvation in UP and the blowing wind of development, public welfare schemes, respect for religion, culture, faith and heritage.

He said that today the fifth phase of elections is going on in many states including UP. Four phases of elections have been completed in the country and he is standing in Chandigarh without any worries, because the sentiment of the entire country is the same as that of Uttar Pradesh and Chandigarh is also saying that if he comes then only Modi will come and if he wins then only Modi himself. The people of the country are saying that for the third time Modi government, once again Modi government and this time it will cross four hundred.

Yogi Adityanath took a dig at the Congress and said that when they talk about crossing 400, the Congress starts feeling dizzy, because the Congress, which ruled the country for 55 years after independence, is not going to contest elections on 400 seats this time.

While making a dialogue in the public meeting, he said that you are also watching and the whole country has also seen this time.

Today the condition of Congress has become such that the public has not even allowed it to contest elections on 400 seats and the same people of the country are raising slogans for BJP to win more than 400 seats. He said what belongs to Ram, belongs to the nation. Whatever is Ram’s is ours and the rest is of no use.

Yogi Aditya Nath said Congressmen earlier used to deny Lord Ram. Now an intelligent leader of Congress has raised questions on the construction of Ram Temple in India.

Yogi said that I want to ask that if the temple of Lord Shri Ram cannot be built here, then Congress people should go and build it in Italy.

He said that now even the Congressmen have started remembering Lord Ram. He said that all these things are like the opposite wisdom of Congress’ destruction and the same is the situation of the allies of Congress, because they also keep opposing the Ram Temple.

He even tried to scare the people and the judicial system of the country on the issue of building Ram temple and started saying that if Ram temple is built, there will be opposition, rivers of blood will flow, there will be riots. But not even a straw was stirred.

We had already said that there will be no riot, if it happens then we will hang it upside down. And everything happened in a very cordial atmosphere. He said that I was born in Uttarakhand, but I am the CM of UP. Today there is an atmosphere of harmony in UP.

He said that before 2014, bomb blasts used to take place in different parts of the country. When, being a member of Parliament, he raised the issue in the House, Congress leaders used to say that this happens from across the border, but after 2014, all this was stopped.

Now, even if a cracker bursts by mistake, before investigating it, Pakistan clarifies that we have no involvement in it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done the work of giving development to the people of the country and respect in the world. Action has been taken against unruly elements.

In a global pandemic like Corona, the Prime Minister came forward first. The people of the country are understanding all these things. Yogi said that our country knows how to express gratitude and it is not hidden from anyone. The atmosphere created in the country towards BJP is the result of this love of the people of the country.

Yogi Adityanath said that the environment of hunger, corruption, unemployment, terrorism, Naxalism and anarchy is the contribution of Congress and whenever there is any crisis in the country, the first name among those who flee the country is Rahul Gandhi.

He asked the people of Chandigarh whether Rahul Gandhi or Manish Tewari ever came forward to rescue them from the crisis during Corona?

He said that Rahul had not even come to UP during the Corona period, from where he was an MP. At the same time, Yogi Adityanath highly appreciated the work done by BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon and his team during the Corona period. He said that vor for the one who supports you in your times of happiness and sorrow.


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