Manish Tiwari ji, who has changed his place of work twice, the emotional card of his birthplace will not work here.
This is Chandigarh, it will not be a victim of Manish Tiwari’s emotional torture – Malhotra

BJP state president Jatinder Pal Malhotra said, how can a person who repeatedly abandons his Lok Sabha constituency change the situation in Chandigarh? On Tuesday, Malhotra was addressing the meeting of district heads and divisional heads at the state office. While discussing the behavior and character of Congress and Aam Aadmi Party in the meeting, the State President said that Congress will not get anything in Chandigarh, only lotus flower will bloom here.
The State President said that Manish Tiwari, the joint candidate of Congress and Aam Aadmi Party, is claiming to change the situation in Chandigarh, whereas he is known to leave his old parliamentary constituency and capture a new parliamentary constituency. The old Congress itself, which has moved aside after seeing the condition and direction of the party, is alleging that Manish Tiwari has not come to change the situation in Chandigarh, but is doing an emotional drama of the birthplace to improve his sinking political situation.
Manish Tiwari, who left after building two workplaces, has received indications from the very first day in his birthplace of Chandigarh that Chandigarh will not tolerate your emotional atrocities. The State President said that if you have the courage, then come face to face with the people of Anandpur Sahib and release the video to see whether the promises made by them to the people there have been fulfilled. After all, every time Tiwari ji is forced to jump into a new parliamentary constituency.

Now Manish Tiwari has come to contest elections citing his late father and mother and saying that he is the son of Chandigarh. He said that Manish Tiwari should at least not take his name because his son has become an expert in lying and it must be hurting his soul that his son thinks this. State General Secretary Hukam Chand, Amit Jindal, former General Secretary Satinder Singh were present in the meeting.


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