In the list of buses sent by Congress, 460 buses are fake and 297 buses are junk – Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma

In Uttar Pradesh, the issue of 1000 buses sought by the Congress Party for migrant laborers has increased political drama. In a press conference, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma said that half of the buses listed by the Congress are fake. Congress buses do not have a fitness certificate. Running non reliable buses is like messing with the lives of laborers. Dinesh Sharma further explained that 460 buses of Congress are fake, 297 buses are junk while 68 buses do not have important papers.

Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma said that the list of buses sent by the Congress was analyzed accurately, it was found that these buses belong to the Rajasthan government and out of these 460 vehicles were fake. He bowed congress by complaining that Probably no big political party would have done such a disgusting joke during the disaster.

Further he said that after the death of 26 migrant laborers in the horrific road accident in Auraiya district of UP, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi wrote a letter to the UP government asking for permission to run 1000 buses. After this letter, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath approved Priyanka Gandhi’s proposal and asked her to arrange 1000 buses. It was also said that they should also provide information about the bus numbers as well as the driver / conductor. In a short time, Congress replied with a list of 1000 buses. It was told that the numbers of buses are attached in the mail.

Then when these numbers were investigated by the UP government, the numbers of most of these vehicles were found of motorcycles, scooters, three wheelers. Yogi government also expressed resentment over this incident. Siddharth Nath Singh, a minister in the Yogi government, said that we have got a preliminary inquiry done on the list sent by the Congress. It was found that many of the buses whose details have been sent are two-wheelers, autos and freight carriages. It is unfortunate that Sonia Gandhi should answer why the Congress is committing with such fraud. Attacking Congress fiercely, in response CM asked four questions.

4 questions asked by UP CM

On the other hand, a case has been registered in Hazratganj police station of Lucknow under Section 420/467/468 of Priyanka Gandhi’s private secretary Sandeep Singh, UP Congress President Ajay Kumar Lallu and others. The case is constantly increasing.

TEAM HUMARI BAAT FEELS that Instead of blaiming each other, it is important to find a definite solution to help migrant labrourers to provide safe transport facility for them and it should be free.


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