It is described in Skanda Purana that Vishnu is situated at the roots of Peepal, Keshava is in the stem, Narayana in the branches, Srihari in the leaves and fruits. Banyan Tree is Lord Brahma himself. Neem itself is Amrita. If we go in scientific way, Roots of Peeple and Banyan help earth in holding ground water. Stem/trunk holds all the water and along with deep nitrogenous components, both Peepal and Banyan Tree generates huge amount of oxygen and at night it produce antioxidants that destroys toxic components of Atmosphere and purifies. While Neem is healing agent of Environment. It heals everything. One more information about Peepla, the leaf of the Peepal leaf is more and the stalk is thinner, due to which the leaves keep on moving and giving clean oxygen even in cool weather. That is the reason Peepal is called the king of trees.

The Banyan Tree

In the last 68 years, the number of Peepal, banyan and Neem trees have been decreased in a mass level. Even current government has also kept distance from these trees and instead started planting foreign eucalyptus which makes the land water less. As per the research in Delhi University “if you plant a Peepal tree at every 500 meters, then after a few years, you will see no pollution at that space”.

the Great Peepal Leaves

Peepal Tree, also known as Ficus religiosa or sacred fig is a boon from Nature among all the species of fig trees to the natives of the Indian subcontinent. While Banyan Tree is Oldest Tree of India. Neem is the one under which entire Ayurveda has been produced that is why Neem is called Amritta.


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